ANTONIANOTAR KIROL ELKARTEA (Antoniano Kirol Elkartea) is a non-profit private association with a distinctive legal personality, inscribed in the Register of the Sports Organization of the Basque Country with the number 847; it was constituted in 1986 with the purpose of developing the practice of the sports activities in all the modalities and the involvement in official competitions. The athletics club Antonianotar K.E. is nowadays a reference in the association, and with the pass of the years has strengthened and grown progressively, incrementing the number of athletes and the number of coaches and monitors.

The Athletics School is based on the following principles:

1.-Sports as an educational instrument, physical training and entertainment.

2.-Sports as a way to develop personal and group values:

Values such as continuity, effort, interest, the positive involvement in the group (encouraging positive attitudes and being conscious of the influence of these values in the group).

-Nurture of a good relationship, respect and cooperation in the group (collaborating in the transport and the collection of the equipment and its correct use, taking care of the installations, etc.).

3.-Athletics as a way of the motor development under a process of long-term trainings.

4.-To learn, enjoy and compete developing a durable sports habit.

At this moment we count with almost 40 athletes training in the club and many others training in different educational centres of Zarautz (Antoniano, Salbatore Mitxelena, Orokieta…).

Antoniano K.E. is an athletic club that trains youths of different schools and localities, apart from Zarautz (Getaria, Orio, Zumaia…).

With some effort and dedication, boys and girls with a huge potential will stand out, and they will certainly obtain really good results in the athletic competitions.

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